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Amos and Sierra's Winter Wedding

The day started out bright and clear. A few clouds dotted the sky, as I pulled up to met the lovely bride for the first time. The getting ready location was at their newly remodeled church house. Sierra, her sister, and her best friend were already dressed, and ready to go. The apprehension of the day before them kept us from messing around to much. Although we did get a few lovely photos.

After chilling with the bride and her girls and getting to know them a little better, we headed off for the first look. Due to wanting to honor her churches traditions, her dad would not be able to walk her down the aisle, a moment she had longed for. After lamenting to me about it, I suggested he walks her to the first look location. She thought it was a splendid idea. So he did just that. I must say it was one of the sweeter first looks I've ever seen. A beautiful bride dressed in a long, white, flowing dress, escorted by her father, looking most handsome himself, to the dock, where, her faithful groom stood ready to meet his soon-to-be wife.

The couple requested a few minutes of alone time to completely soak up this special day. So right after the first look, my second shooter and I skedaddled rather quickly. Then made our way back for portraits afterwards. The sun was hiding behind the clouds, so I took the reprieve to get some portraits on the dock, knowing the sun might show it's face soon. I wasn't wrong! That beautiful sun was shining in all of its glory the rest of the day!

I'm so glad that we planned an hour for this part of the day! It was so cold! It was mostly the wind blowing that caused the freezing temperatures. But because we gave ourselves plenty of time, we were able to keep the cars running and warm. So escaping the cold every 10 mins was a very good plan indeed! But soon the sun reappeared, so I found a cozy little path running thro the woods where we did some more portraits. I love a good location with some variety, and this location wasn't lacking! Pond, woods, and a wheat field; what more could a photographer want! We also did all of the family, and bridal party photos here as well.

After these fun portraits in the cold, we were all glad for the 15min drive to the church house, giving us a chance to warm up again, before the ceremony.

Now they're married! So it's off to the beautiful reception. She use the most romantic lighting, which proved a challenge for me, as this was my first wedding so dimly lit. But I love the results!

Well, that wraps up this gorgeous wedding day. It was beyond beautiful and I was honored to be apart of it.

Amos and Sierra, May the Lord bless you and keep you, make his face to shine upon you, be gracious unto you and give you peace.

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