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Andre & Rebecca's Virginia Wedding

The Day started out bright and beautiful with the sun peeking over the mountains in the east.

The anticipation was high as I walked into the bridal suite around 10am. Becca was one of the calmest brides I had ever seen! No bridezilla for her! Of course the wedding won't actually start till 4 pm so she still has plenty of time to relax and get things done. I started on the details first thing, first doing all the pretty bridal details then moving on to the grooms shoes, tie, cologne, etc. The day progressed smoothly, as the careful planning pre hand soon paid off!

There was also lots of laughter, and tears on this highly emotional day. As each of the bridesmaids walked up the aisle, and did their own unique secret handshake with the groom. It had to have been the funniest ceremony I've ever seen! From throwing shoes, to skipping down the aisle, to a groomsman being ambushed by his escorts fiancé, I don't believe the guests ever did get a chance to become board! There was so much laughter to be had, and tears to be wiped!

Their love story was unlike any I've ever heard, something straight out of a romantic drama film.

They've had a crush on each other since preschool. Grew up in the same church, went to the same youth group, and saw each other every Wednesday night! So as you can well imagine there love for each other grew quickly!

Although it seemed as if they were meant to be, their love story isn't without its very own set of drama, tears, and complications. But don't worry! It's as the maid of honor said in her speech, "Every time we got together, we would discuss Andre. Today was just a formality. I always knew they would make it."

And so when she turned 17 Andre asked her father for his blessing to start dating his daughter. Life flew past quickly, and when she turned 19 he asked her to marry him, and Becca with her heart in her eyes said YES! Wedding plans were made, and on July, 10 2021 they said I DO!

There were many tears shed on Saturday, as they remembered all they had walked through to get to this place. Andre's dad had died the day after Andre had asked Becca. His face pictured joy when he learned about his sons happiness of finally getting the girl of his dreams. And so, enjoy the photos that I had the pleasure of capturing for the new Mr. & Mrs. Burkholder.

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