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Conrad and Hannah's Classic Spring Wedding! -Millersburg OH-

Conrad and Hannah promised to love each other till death do part on April 16th. So it's long overdue that I get this blog post written!

I loved working with Hannah! She was so planned and detail oriented that it wasn't hard to get a plan together for the day and then stick to it! The first look happened very early in the morning almost before the sun had a chance to rise. The clouds above us liked to threaten us with rain, which it did carry out its threat then, but only for a little while. We had built plenty of margin into the timeline so the rain didn't throw us off schedule much! It rained most of the day, but the sun did come out in time for portraits! Praise the Lord!

So let's dive right in and start looking at all the pretty pictures! Cause Let's be honest, that's the real reason you're here right now!

First thing in the morning was getting ready, and details at Hannah's place!

Next we did the first look at "The Manson"

Now for some Family Formals!

Welcome to the ceremony!

They're MARRIED!!

Welcome to the Reception!!

The Exit!!

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