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David and Karen's Rainy Spring Wedding Day - Millersburg Ohio-

Scattered snowflakes lightly dusted the ground on this beautiful spring day. There was snow, rain, and wind, on David and Karens wedding day, but it didn't even stand a chance against the joy in the crisp April air!

The day started off with a few details at the church house. Which consisted of me scurrying the dress outside before anyone had a chance to see it! Lucky for me there was an elegant little mini barn providing a bit of shelter from the elements, as well as securing some good light for me as well!

Because of the rain we ended up skipping the first look. But I happened to be in the room when David decided it would be a good idea to sneak up on his bride and catch her by surprise! It didn't work tho, she's way to keen to his little antics by now! But I loved the laughter it caused! And I'd say it was just as sweet as any first look!

The rain held off just enough to be able to take the rest of the photos outside. The bridal party as well as the bride and groom had such cheerful spirits, that not even rain could dampen them! We had so much fun hopping about in the rain trying to stay warm, and it was so totally worth it!

The Bride and her girls. They were full of so much laughter all day!

The Ceremony was such a tender part of the day.


The Ceremony was full of laughter! I loved listening to the stories and encouragement coming through the open mic! The youth also had a lovely special singing for the couple!

The couple ended the ceremony with prayer.

The cutest moments from Family Formals. We didn't mind the interruption!

I love it when couples include the grandparents in the family formals. This was the only living grandparent, so it was super sweet!

Time to say Goodbye!

Now for the fun bridal party photos!! only problem here was that it was half raining and half snowing! So super cold, and wet! But I loved the entire bridal parties attitude! I didnt even need to tell them to fake laugh! they were always laughing! I had to ask them to just smile for one! It was the greatest problem to have!

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