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Erick and Suzette's Wedding Day in the Big Valley.

Updated: Feb 8

Erick and Suzette both grew up in the Big Valley. In my recent trip there I suddenly realized why they call it that! Sure you've got Bellville, Allensville, and all of those other small towns stretched through out this 30 mile long valley. Then you've got all the other small towns that are "just over the mountain. I'm kept thinking "which mountain"? There's only like 4 of them completely surrounding their small community! But I loved the valley's atmosphere, the chillness of the people, the fog descending upon the mountain like a fuzzy blanket on an early morning. These are the conditions I found myself in on July 30th. Erick and Suzettes day had finally arrived!

We started the day off with some beautiful early morning couple photos. We had plenty of time built in the timeline for this part of the day, and I had so much fun shooting in this soft morning light beside the most adorable little stream. I also took all the family, and bridal party photos in this location as well. Which was super easy! Then came the ceremony and reception! I was all done with shooting this wedding by 2:30pm which was super nice! I then explored the valley a bit after the wedding!

May the Lord Bless you and keep you, make his face to shine upon you, be gracias unto you, and give you peace.

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