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Essays From the Heart -WAITING-

Alert, watchful, eyes, and ears tense waiting on the masters call. This is my goal. I want to be ready when he calls. I want to be prepared to jump into action at the first signal. Not sitting there with my head cocked sorta funny, questioning if I heard right. Not double checking with everyone else first to make sure I’m not going crazy. Now don’t take me wrong, I think it’s good to listen to Godly leaders and to seek out their advice sometimes. But if we can’t hear from God all the time on our own.. then we are screwed!! We need to be able to detect the slightest hint of a whisper from our Lord Jesus! He shouldn't to have to yell at us and send all of his angels every time he want to get a message across! No, we should be able to detect the slightest nod of his head. Setting our eyes upon the things His heart desire.

Now how to do the above??

I don’t know.. but maybe I have a few clues, cuz I'm definitely not there yet either. Here are a few ways I like to double and triple check myself. Although as we become more familiar with the shepherds voice we won't need to do this as intentionally.

  1. Spending intentional time in prayer and in worship with him. Striving to understand his heart, even when we can’t 'feel' Him or don’t 'feel' connected with Him.. Our relationship doesn’t have to be dependent upon our feelings! Whew,😅 what a Relief!!! Right??

  2. When you think you hear something from the Almighty God, and you think that he might quite possibly be asking you to do something.. But your not quite sure yet..well firstly check it with the Bible.. Is what your hearing biblical?? Let’s say just for a moment that He told you to go talk to the cashier at Walmart.. Well the Bible does say we are supposed to take the gospel into all the world... does all the world include Walmart?? Umm, very likely! See what I mean?? It’s biblical!! But let’s say you think God told you to go jump off of a cliff.. Well, If you wearing a safety harness.. I honestly don't see any issues with that, But if not... Then.. yea well just leave it with that! I'm sure you know what I mean!😉 So you just gotta use some common sense!

  3. Next sometimes God does ask us to do ridiculous things. I once heard the story of a young man who was walking past a restaurant and suddenly out of the blue God asks him to go inside and stand on his head! Now how utterly foolish do you think that sounded?? He tried to just brush it off but the urge just came stronger than ever. Finally, he gave in and went inside and proceeded to stand on his head! The waitress came over to him crying and saying that this morning she had planned to commit suicide, but had told God that if he really existed he would send in someone to stand on their head. Now we know that God can save a human life by asking someone to do something bizarre! 🤯

  4. And so lastly if you’ve prayed about it, made sure it’s biblical, and your still doubting yourself?? Go ask a friend you trust.. It’s ok to need people! We all do! I just don’t want to become reliant upon them! I want to become reliant on God!!

So to bring this whole thing into balance there will be times in life when God asks us to do weird things, and there'll be times in life that we need to pray about it, search out the scriptures, or ask a friend about it.. You can't put God into a box. He is a powerful God, who made the entire universe. We shall never fully understand all His ways. 😌

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not onto your own understanding but in all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Prov 3:5-6

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