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Jamin & Joanna

A country wedding | Lobelville TN

The sun rose up over the hills of Lobelville TN bright and beautiful with a few clouds floating in the sky. The ceremony wasn't scheduled till 2:pm so the atmosphere was very relaxed! I stepped into the bridal suite and started on her stunning details, soon I was handed an ice coffee, which completely made my day! Never before in my career was the photographer given such a gift from a bridesmaid! Oh and can I just brag on these lovelies for a minute? The joy that radiated from there souls was so beautiful and made my job so much easier! The constant laughter, the prayers for there friend, and the way they took care of the bride was phenomenal!

I had only briefly met the bride before the wedding day, but our shared loved for Jesus, manual cars, and coffee, gave us a bond. (Especially the Jesus one!)

The fact that God brought these two together couldn't be more obvious! I was so privileged to be apart of a day that was so filled with the love of Jesus! I know that God is going to continue to use this wonderful couple to spread His word wherever they go! They can't help it! The joy in there lives simply overflows! So enjoy the photos from their special wedding day.

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