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Jeremy And Kari

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

A Blush Themed Wedding | Kingsman, IN

Jeremey and Kari had a beautiful day on the outskirts of Kingsman IN. Nestled in the flat countryside of southern IN right on the Illinois line! I had such a pleasure capturing their special day as Jeremy and Kari started coming to my home church a few months ago. So as I made the trip up there I knew I would get to see all of my family and friends again and that made it double as exciting for me!

This day was such an easy day to capture! The first look took place at dawn on her family's farm and their special couple session happened at sunrise! Therefor making the lighting absolutely gorgeous! And you know how photographers go nuts at great lighting! Well these portraits were no exception! I squealed with joy and delight at seeing all the creamy bokeh and "glow" on the back of my camera screen! It's truly rare to find such beautiful glow on a wedding day!

This girl has a eye for simplistic beauty! From her simple but elegant table decorations to the wonderful way she displayed their love for each other in the simple decorations. From the deliciously refreshing drinks to all the yummy cakes which I might add is not good for a photographer who is trying to keep away from all the sugary things! LOL! So without further ramblings, here are their gorgeous photos from their wedding day!

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