Make your Trip to Arches National Park a Success!

To get to the Delicate arch in the "backcountry" of Arches National Park, take a 3 mile hike round trip. The hardest part of the hike is about half way when the terrain turns uphill. Near the top, it levels out quite a bit again.

  1. Bring Lots of Water At least 2 liters per person.

  2. Get A Good Nights Rest Its very important to make sure you are rested properly the night before.

  3. Get Up And Go Early learn from our mistakes. We went in the middle of a hot day in July. Since the trail has little to no shade, we were soon extremely hot and tired. The hike would have been so much easier in the morning hours than in the harsh noonday sun.

  4. View the Arch from the Twisted Doughnut Arch Ok, so isn't that name just the best?? But as you are hiking the last leg of your journey along the ledge there is a smaller arch called the Twisted Doughnut arch and its view of the delicate arch is spectacular!

  5. Walk Around/Explore There is so much more to this place than just the first view point.

  6. Best Time For Photos The best time to take photos would definitely be in the early morning when the rest of the world is still asleep:) Evening shoots would be fine too, but you will very likely be competing with other photographers.

  7. Take A Good Backpack If taking a backpack, make sure it is strong, has a zipper closure, and the contents inside are secure.(see story for details:)

Our Story

After driving for hours and hours, we are finally ready to head to the one and only 'Arches National Park'! Eek! The excitement is high! Until its not. lol cause lets face it. It took us 65+ hours of driving from Point A to Point B until we finally made it!

Let's give you a quick backstory. Four Girls, Debbie, Faith, Mary and me, Tina, plus five dogs went on a dog delivery trip out West. We started out in the little country town of Robinson IL, heading for Limon, CO where, after 15 + hours of driving, we dropped off the first dog. Our next destination was Gold Creek MT, to visit some friends, get a warm shower and decent food, before heading out in the morning for Samamish, WA. We delivered another dog, then headed for Sacramento,CA, where we dropped off the 3 remaining dogs at a friend's house.

WhooHoo!! We are now free of dogs and the fun can begin!!!! First off ,let's head to the beach! So off we go swim clothes in tow, but when we get there, its cloudy and cold! So instead, we spend the day exploring San Fran, all the while making tons of memories. We spent a few days exploring Cali, traveling HWY 1 and enjoying the absolutely beautiful and breathtaking scenery the coastline provided. 10/10 recommend doing!! Next up on the agenda is 'Arches National Park'!!

We headed out bright and early the next morning, reaching our destination by nightfall. We booked a motel at Moab Red Stone Inn. (Moab is the closest town to Arches National Park , it's about 5 miles from the park.) We then took a much needed rest from traveling for a grand total of 65+ hours, ate a "delicious" McDonalds sandwich, and proceeded to fall into bed at a decent time. At sunrise the next morning we rolled outta bed, grabbed plenty of water and a map, checked into the Park and began exploring.

We were soon tired though, as you have to hike to get to most of the Arches.

It was around noon when we decided to tackle the great Delicate Arch. The hike is about 3 miles round trip, and we were told that it's a fairly easy hike to do, only taking about three hours total.

Well, we start off once and being used to hard work at home ,it went pretty easy at first. But then it got up hill, without shade, the sun was beating down, and the temp was around a 100°F. So yea, we were sweating pretty hard! Anywhoo, we rested quite a bit and drank a lot of water, while at the same time wanting to preserve as much water as possible for the hike back.

We went uphill and downhill, walked on tight ledges, and scrambled across stones, till we finally made it!! We spent a few hours just soaking up the majestic scene before us. My friends went scrambling up rocks to places I would never dare go. Did I mention I'm deathly afraid of heights?? Heights and spiders are my weak points! I simply hate both!:|:|:|

Well, while we were exploring etc. my backpack ,with all of our water in it, only had a draw string to close it and it kinda slipped open and our water bottles kinda fell out and went tumbling down the ravine, never to return again. Ok, it didn't just kinda happen, it REALLY happened! So when we headed back to the vehicle wishing for more water, which was now gone, I thought, 'This is the end, we are now going to die'. The hike back was worse I'd say. Because by the time we got back, I felt like throwing up, which I did, after I ate, and drank something. I had a headache the rest if the day, and felt kinda dizzy, so I think I was probably a little dehydrated. But I had amazing friends who took good care of me and I was feeling better by the next morning.

Next on the to do list was The Million Dollar Hwy. By this time, I was feeling like I had seen it all. Could it get a whole lot more prettier than what we had already seen??? Um, yes and no, but in a totally different way. Arches National Park is full of huge red rocks, and has a hot desert feel to it, Vs. traveling the Million Dollar Hwy had more of a woodsy wild and rugged charm to it. So both are extremely beautiful in their own way.

I'll now post some pictures with captions so that you can see it for your self. But truth be told, photos don't cut it. You've got to go experience it all for yourself! I promise you won't regret it and with Covid19 happening this year, what better place to explore than your own country?!?!

The Road leading to Arches National Park! There are many look out points along this road and I would highly recommend stopping and checking out a few of them.

This was taken at such a look out place. Sometimes you just gotta get out and do some crazy things!

Let the hiking begin!

The Delicate Arch. I would definitely recommend rock climbing, and just general exploring because you never know what you may find.

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