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Essays From the Heart- FAITH-

Faith is a topic not easily talked about. I guess that's cuz we all have so many different opinions on what Faith really is and what it should look like. So here I go head long into the topic, pray for me, cuz I feel really unworthy to be talking about such an important issue.

I guess we should maybe start by asking Siri for the definition of faith. This is what she said, "Complete trust or confidence in someone or something." So, when we have faith in God, this means we will have our complete trust and confidence in Him. Does this mean we will be in unbelief of the word of God. No! It means we will completely believe and trust Gods Word!!

Now let's take a look at what the word of God says about Faith. I probably should have led with that, but you know how it is, this is a modern generation and asking Siri is usually easier than flipping through hundreds of pages in the Bible looking for verses about Faith!

The Bible says Faith is the EVIDENCE of things not seen. What is evidence?? Evidence is proof. So faith is the proof of things not seen. God's word says we can have proof for the things which we do not see! How awesome is that??!! We know the facts. The facts are the promises in the Bible. We have to remember that those promises have certain requirements in order for it to apply to us, but since we know the facts we can stand on our faith, our evidence.

Now let's get into some of those promises the word of God talks about.

  1. God is Good.

  2. God is Righteous.

  3. God is True.

  4. God is FAITHFUL!

  5. God doesn't Change.

If you are walking in faith you will never ever get stuck! because you will keep right on plodding through six feet of mud, KNOWING (maybe not "feeling") but KNOWING that GOD IS THERE. You keep right on plodding forward never looking back.

Let's take a look at the children of Israel. When God told them to go conquer the land of Canaan they were like 'Nooo!!! They're way too big!!" Well for starters, God never told them to go spy out the boisterous land in the first place! He just simply told them to go fight and that He would give them the courage to do so. How many times in our own simple lives do we argue with the sovereign God, when he tells us to do something scary, thinking we know better than He does?? We have all heard this rather disheartening tale. Deut 1:29 tells us they got discouraged, which means loosing or lacking courage. God knew that if they sent out spies they would come back disillusioned and discouraged. So what did the mighty Israelites need?? They needed a grimacing faith, and a hearty dose of it too, by they looks of it! Lol!


Because when we have our faith in God we are no longer walking in unbelief. We are walking in the everlasting faith that God will come through for us. The children of Israel got discouraged and ended up wondering in the darkness of the wilderness for 40 yrs. This is how incredibly serious God views unbelief and discouragement. Discouragement smells like rotten eggs to him with a tinge of mold vs Courage smells like sweet honey dripping from the buzzing bees nest.

So in conclusion to this whole thing:

  1. Radically believe the facts in the Bible about who God is.

  2. Unwaveringly standing against unbelief and discouragement.

  3. Go forth Victoriously!! Believing with your undivided heart the vibrant truths of God.

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because, you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. James 1:2-3

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