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Mervin & Kara | A Magical Rainy Wedding day In Davis County Indiana

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

My Goodness I don't even know here to start talking about this day! I'm going to just start by saying that Kara is an amazing photographer too! She did a session for me about a month before her own big day, and it meant a lot to me! Also the way that she totally just believed in me from the start was phenomenal! She has also been a great friend of mine for a very long time! So I really did not want to mess this up!

I don't know why but I'll bet it goes thro every photographers mind the days before a wedding how bad it truly would be if they messed this up! It would be horrible! Horrendous! Can you think of any other H words to call it? Well you get the point! And since Kara has photographed a couple of weddings in her day as well she completely took off that pressure from me! Oh don't worry I was still stressed, but she understood and didn't put any of her own pressure on me as well!

Well every photographer loves to start off her blog post with "it was a bright and beautiful day in the middle of Oct", only I can't say that this time! It was rainy! Yay! Or Not! LOL! What photographer ever gets excited about rain? Well not me! Plus this was the first time it has ever rained on a wedding day for me! But it was bound to happen! And I had to learn to deal with it sooner rather than later! Oh and did I mention that it was an early morning ceremony? Yea that meant that we got to do the first look in the house in the dark with a flash. Um I'm kinda a natural light photographer!! But the weather and the sun was like, So? I'll come out whenever I feel like it! Also it was frigid out!

But let me tell you I loved the first look photos! Especially those few special moments with Kara's parents. I'll show you in just a bit. So we ended up taking all the photos inside till towards the end in the day we got a short break, rushed the ginormous bridal party outside to grab a few quick shots. Trust me it was quick! Cause it was freezing! I think it was mostly cause of the wind tho, as the actual temperature wasn't so bad! Also this dear girl stomped through mud for me because I said the light was good! Honestly can't argue with that! So no matter what all this day threw against me, It all worked out perfectly! Cause in the end the rain let up, our spirit's were high, and we got some amazing photos that I'm still proud of.

This whole wedding was so special for me! A dear friend plus fellow lover of photos? I'm In! Let me just show you the photos then I think you'll understand why I nearly cried thro the whole thing. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and in this case I think it's true. Pictures can bring back both good and bad memories. And as a wedding photographer I long to capture those moments. The moments that you'll never forget.


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