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Shannon & Janice | A Dreamy Spring Wedding Day In Bedford Pennsylvania

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

The day started out bright and beautiful as I made my way up to the little airBnb house Janice had rented for the occasion. The place was abuzz with bridesmaids as they all gathered together to help their special friend and sister get dressed for her big day. Laughter echoed from all the rooms as they shared stories and memories of good times in the past. This was the day the bubbly girl who had a way of making everyone feel special was getting married. To say there was excitement in the air is an understatement!

Upon arrival greetings rang out from the different rooms making me feel very loved and appreaciad, after meeting each of the bridesmaids I began my work of sorting out all the details, finding a space to hang the dress, so that I could begin the delightful work of shooting the details. Capturing each of the details is such a vibrant part of the day. The details have a way of setting the tone. Are they vintage, full of color, or will the day be more neutral toned? In this wedding I found the details to be very elegant, colorful and with beautiful touches of a light dusty blue.

Once dressed Janice did a first look with her bridesmaids. My second shooter ushered them downstairs to wait patiently while Janice got dressed. I can only imagine the anticipation they felt while waiting for her to come down and to be able to finally see the dress!!

A girls wedding dress is something every girl dreams of in her childhood. Janice's dress fit her like a glove, and she had painstakingly hand beaded the sleeves, leaving her own personal touch on the dress

Before the girls had finished fussing over there friend the AirBnB housekeeper came and told us that they we were not scheduled for late check out after all like we had thought and that we needed to get out right away. Like true friends the bridesmaids cleaned up all the clutter and escorted the bride outside in minutes. Not even that drama could put a damper on the mood!

We then headed for the brides home where the wedding was to be held. Janice was raised on the home family farm, with an old log home that they had remodeled, lots of big towering trees, old barns and flowing fields, It made for the absolute perfect venue!

The bridesmaids had put together a beautiful photo album to give the bride at the bridesmaid's first look, but because that kinda got interrupted by (cough cough) the airbnb host, we simply did it before starting the bridesmaids photos. Honestly I'm so glad we got interrupted, because it helped to keep us on schedule, and who doesn't love pretty greens in there emotional photos?

This beauty and her wedding florals, made her day absolutely sparkle with color! The pops of bright yellows, oranges and greens, brought so much radiance to a day filled with clouds and rain.

We managed to get the bridesmaids photos done before the rain poured out its fury upon us. unfortunately the groomsmen weren't quite as lucky. But they braved the rain, and had them done in less than 10mins! I heard zero complaints about taking photos in the rain. So check out these handsome cowboys.

Rain? No problem! We will just move this outdoor wedding inside the spacious old barn, add string lights and some beautiful wedding decor, and a can do spirit, and the wedding was successfully held inside the barn. The rain did let up in the late afternoon tho, just in time for family formals, and their outdoor reception.

Family Formals was a total vibe! Friends and family were hyped that these two were married. We didn't spend a lot of time on them tho, as a few of them needed to go and help set up the outdoor reception area. When you're as special as these two, you've got more than one family cheering you on! So family formals consisted of four families, all of them very near and dear to the happy couples heart.

Because the couple didn't have a first look, we saved the all the fun photos for the end of the day! Jumping (pun intended) straight into bridal party photos right after the family formals was done made for some efficient work!

The reception was gorgeous, and this natural light photographer had a blast capturing it all outdoors. The vibrant flowers, in the beautiful dusty blue vases, and the many smiles as everyone was in a Wonderful mood. The earth had been washed clean by the downpour which had occurred less than an hour previously, and the smells of a fresh rain accompanied by the soft flowers made for a delightful atmosphere.