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Photo Shoot in Robinson, IL

This session was different from anything I've ever done! We ended up shooting at like 20 different locations, and only taking like two or three photos at one place. So if you're looking for photo session spots near Robinson, IL keep right on reading.

My good friend Kendra messaged me on instagram the last week and wanted to have her photos taken. Since I've wanted to do a "city" shoot for a long time already, I was totally up to it! And even tho it was slightly chilly and a little bit windy we headed out! The sun was shining for most of it, But it was still cold enough that I didn't want to make Kendra sit or stand for to long without her coat on. Cuz I don't want anybody getting sick on my watch!!

Robinson doesn't look very photogenic at first site. But if you look closely there are some very cute little spots. There was a tiny ally way with a smoothie shop in it (I'm pretty sure the person at the window thought we were crazy!), a random little door, So funny story about that one. I have her sit-down next to this cute little door, right? And so after we are done taking the photos we start walking away only to discover she must've sat or walked through some brambles there cuz her beautiful dress was all covered in little 1/2" poky sticks! Lol!! So we both set to work right away carefully digging them out so as not to snag the dress. Well I quickly learned my lesson!! After that, the next time I had her sit anywhere, I first carefully inspected the area to make sure there was nothing harmful to her, or the dress, in sight!! We also took a few photos at the county courthouse, ya gotta love those old majestic buildings. And finished out our little shoot at one of my favorite places to shoot at, The Washington Park located on the outskirts of town. Its got the cutest little bridges,(I think there are about 4 different ones total),So If the light isn't good at one of them you jut go and check out the other three!!Its got big trees with nice over hanging branches, and even a pond with geese during the summer!!

Well we finished up before 4pm, because the poor darling was nearly freezing, went to Hardees, and got us some food, cuz well when you are taking photos for nearly two hrs you get hungry!

So without further ado here are some of the photos!!

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