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Raber Family Photos Robinson, IL

Tuesday morning dawned bright and early, on a midwest country farm in the heart of Crawford county Illinois. I rolled out of bed a bit groggy, but excited to be doing my first ever sunrise photoshoot! I was dressed in no time, grabbed my coffee on the go and headed off to the location, Which was only a mile down the road from where I live.

Micah and Rose Raber just had there 4th child a few weeks ago so I did a family photoshoot combined with a newborn shoot as well. So pretty much the same as two shoots in one!!

The little ones did so well, they had gotten up early ate a bit of breakfast and were all excited when we got there! These children really love their newest little sibling so if I needed a break from all the cheesy smiles I would yell out, "ok lets all look at baby Alaina!!"

I also wanted to grab a few quick ones of Mom and Dad. As I don't believe they've ever has professional photos done before. I really enjoyed this part of the shoot, As shooting couples is were I thrive. I always have so many posing ideas that I can never use them all!

Well in about a half hour we were all done outside. So we headed in to take a couple of baby Alaina Grace.. she was by far a very easy newborn to shoot. Soon she was sleeping peacefully in a little Woden crate. That left me to find good light and a clean background.

Finding the light was the easy part.. but a clean background not so much.. Their house is filled with lots of dark wood kinda has a cabiny feel to it. Very cozy, but not so great for my style. ;) So I had my little assistant hold up a white blanket for my background, while I took a couple of quick shoots and those turned out to be my favorites!

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