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Essays From the Heart - CONDEMNATION- Part 2

I find it so incredibly interesting what God is doing my life right now!! Only a few short months ago I was a pretty scared insecure little girl. Dont take me wrong, I can still get scared pretty easily these days! Like for instance, just send a nasty looking spider my way and I'll still prolly be climbing for the nearest high point just to get out of its hairy reach!! But God has definitely done a marvelous work in me a few short months! How can it already be the end of Jan!! I've got so many mixed feelings about this new year ahead, and can't help but wonder what God will call me too. Will I end up as a missionary in Africa?? Or maybe in the jungles of South America! Who knows the wonderful plans of our all knowing Lord!

Just a short testimony about my post from two weeks ago, you know the one about condemnation...?? Well, I've been working closely with a group of girls from around here. We called ourselves 'Team Charlie'. You might have heard a bit about it on my social media etc. Anyways, whenever we did team activities together, it didn't go so good! Lets just say we had a private joke about Charlie bringing up the rear, LOL cuz it seemed as if we always came in at last place! Well, this taught us more than I will ever fully grasp, beings I am a very competetive person and all. It really worked on our egos, got rid of a lot of pride, and taught us how to be good "losers".

We hadn't done any team competitions since we had gotten rid of all that condemnation that had plagued almost every person on our team! But last night we played games as a team and we smoked em!! I mean we had to work really really hard to win but we still did it! There were times when we made mistakes, but every one on our team took ownership for the mistakes and didn't crumble, beating themselves up, but pulled together like a team as never before! I was so super proud of them and for all the hard work in shaking off the condemnation!!

So there was a little testimony for you! I sincerely hope that if you struggle with this like I did that I could've been some help in encouraging you to shake that nasty thing!! I might still get attacked with it now and then but if I can view it as just another opportunity to defeat the enemy I can see it for what it is and take responsibility for it, repent for anything on my part that allowed it in and then stand on the promises of God's Word!

Have you ever heard of taking extreme ownership for any mistakes made?? It allows us to no longer become "victims" to other people. Let me see if I can find the words to explain it... It goes like this.. It's the freedom of allowing yourself to make mistakes, while at the same time acknowledging that you make/made them, repenting for the mistakes made and receiving Gods forgiveness for them. That sounded complicated, let me see if I can simplify it some more.. It's the freedom in being able to make mistakes without needing to beat yourself up for them.

Does that make any sense?? I sure hope so! Cuz once we get ahold of this truth its amazing how liberating and freeing it is!! We are allowed to make mistakes!! Now this doesn't give a free pass to just do whatever we want etc..Cuz if we are taking extreme ownership for our mistakes we won't be repeating them!! We will be repenting for them!

Lets take my personality for an example.. Have you ever feared you will hurt people with your words?? Well I did! I was so fearful about it that I barely squeaked out a word or two ever! Unless I was with a close group of friends that I knew and trusted extremely well, then I felt safe enough to talk! Otherwise I couldn't! In large groups I was afraid I would say something dumb or look like an idiot or that I would run over my leaders.. Well if I can become ok with looking like an idiot... and MAKING MISTAKES... Then suddenly I was free to be me! Now trust me this change in me didn't happen overnight! But this was one step of the process in helping me to peek around the corners of my firmly built walls! Are you ok with making mistakes sometimes?? Obviously, I'm not talking about making a deliberate mistake, but those little ones that you don't think about until you've made them!! Are you comfortable going back and apologizing to people sometimes if necessary?? These are all things I've had to learn to be ok with.

Do you have any questions for me?? Or is there anything that you think I should correct in this?? I'm would love to be hear from you! It always makes me wonder what in the world is going through my readers mind when they read this! Will it bring them freedom?? If sharing my personal experiences helps only one person it will have been well worth it! (vel verse it) 😉

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