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Essays From the Heart. FOUNDATIONS

I've decided to start writing a series called 'Essays From the Heart'. As I've committed my life to God, I felt him calling me into a deeper relationship with him. A more intimate relationship full of sweet fellowship and growing in the knowledge of who He really is. And as of today I've decided to let y'all come along for the journey. I'm not yet sure how long this series is going to be. So we'll see where God takes us!

Essay One,

I feel like God hit on our foundations, leadership, identity, and our personal connections with Him, this week. These things are all at the very core of our beings, and when our identity is anywhere else other than God.... Well let's just say you've prolly got some issues. lol!

We also talked a lot about how much you should be dependent upon the people in your life. It's good to have those close relationships with those close friends where you can hash everything out! BUT NOT DEPENDENCY!! You should be dependent upon God, and Him alone! Let me explain...

Have you ever gotten hurt by those you love?? Have you ever felt "dropped"?? Like the person you've confided in for so long doesn't care anymore.. I'm sorry but here comes a "truth bomb". People will let you down!! It's just a fact of life. It's not fair to you nor the person you are trusting in to put such high standards on them. You've got to stop doing it!! Put your trust into God alone, He has got you back and He will never "drop" you. This was a huge truth I needed to hear, cuz I've lived a life feeling disappointed in people because they let me down or had hurt me in some way or another. I'm not saying to not trust people.. I'm only saying let your friends be Human! And keep your dependency upon God alone.

We also learned all about having Expectations. So let me see if I can find the words I'm looking for.. Sometimes I understand something perfectly in my heart and yet words fail me. We tend to put expectations on those we love, and are close too. So lets say I have a heart to love people with gifts, and I'm really good at it! Like on a scale of 1-10 I would be a 10. Now my natural tendency is to think that others should love me the same way. And when I don't receive any gifts back.. I feel unloved, when in reality Momma Sue does my laundry everyday. So, I could be receiving love from her acts of service towards me. You see, when you drop those expectations of what love should look like, suddenly you have love pouring in, all through your life. I will start to notice that Papa John took time to listen to me talk of my struggle. I will see that sister made coffee just for me. On and on the list goes. Once you get rid of your "Right" and expectation to love, you will start to see it everywhere! Are you starting to see what I mean??

Please comment below and let me know if you learned anything.. If I inspired you.. Or if you have any questions.. If you want to continue following along on this journey please subscribe, As I will be sharing weekly for the next few months.

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I agree about having God before friends, Depending on God for your answers

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